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Gabrielle Griffin

Design, Art and Animation

I create concept art, digital paintings, and 2D digital animations.
I graduated in 2023 with a degree in Digital Technology and Culture and a minor in Anthropology. In addition to being comfortable with the Adobe Creative Suite, I have experience with web design, layout design, and social media.
I love working from prompts and bringing projects to life. Below are some of my favorite creations.

Data Entry: Portal

Concept art created for the VR game

Other Concept Art

These are concepts and assets created for small game and short-film projects. For each project I established a tone and color scheme to work from.

Personal Work

In my free time, I draw whatever subjects appeal to me in various styles. I gravitate toward fantastical scenes and enjoy character design.

Other Skills
I am proficient in the Adobe Suite and have experience with web design, social media, and video editing. I've 3D modeled in Maya and have some familiarity with Unity. I am comfortable communicating through Slack, Discord, and Basecamp.
I have great deal of experience with creative problem solving and collaboration. I understand the basics of color theory, composition, and usability, and I enjoy making things look good.


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Gabrielle Griffin